Who Sang No One? Tribe of Judah

Tribe of Judah Exit Elvis cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-22
length: 3:23
producer: Steve Catizone, Markus Cherone and Leo Mellace
mixer: John Wydrycs
engineer: Mike Pietrini
i am just a face
lost in the crowd
i am among the ones
who are not proud
single me out
i do not want to be
call me legion
for i am many
just look around
and what do you see
so many people
trying to be ( or not to )
clever ways
of fooling ourselves
with their candy coated
tortoise shells
i am NO ONE
i am NO ONE
i am NO ONE
i am NO ONE

so is the singer
without a song
same as the horn
thats blowing its own
never the less
for what its all worth
he to will get tired
of his own voice

CD 1
  • 1 Left For Dead
  • 2 No One
  • 3 East Of Paradise
  • 4 Thanks For Nothing
  • 5 Celibate
  • 6 Ambiguous Headdress
  • 7 In My Dreams
  • 8 2+2
  • 9 Suspension Of Disbelief
  • 10 My Utopia (Anthropolemic)
  • 11 Exit Elvis