Who Sang Apparitions? Tribulation

Tribulation The Formulas of Death cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-1
length: 13:25
I can feel the
Right side of my face go numb
A pleasant chill is running down my spine
I feel the cold breath of something unknown
I smell and taste of blood - I am no longer alone
Shapeless dual figures
Swaying back and fro
Smoke like larvae flying
In the wind they blow

Subconscious calling
The dead will dance
If you sing their songs
In trance
When you call upon them
The will come
Hauting memories make these rooms sweat
Twisted shadows dancing, sinister silhouettes
A gateway, a gaping mouth
To these entities unknown
The beauty of night fills this energy flow
The dead shall dance as I lead them on
The dead shall dance if you sing their songs
In death - my path is sealed
I'll sing for death when my soul is freed

Spirits from the other side
Hollows in the tides of time

CD 1
  • 1 Vagina Dentata
  • 2 Wanderer in the Outer Darkness
  • 3 Spectres
  • 4 לילה
  • 5 Suspiria de profundis
  • 6 Through the Velvet Black
  • 7 Rånda
  • 8 When the Sky Is Black With Devils
  • 9 Spell
  • 10 Ultra Silvam
  • 11 Apparitions

  • Release information
    label: Invictus Productions
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    script: Latin