Who Sang Through the Velvet Black? Tribulation

Tribulation The Formulas of Death cover art
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Release Date: 2013-3-1
length: 7:19
This be the second feather
Of a bird black as pitch
A raven of death, another one of the intestines removed
The shadowy gloom thickens, can you feel
The call of the witch?
The seas begin to roll, the earth begins to move
I turn the torch of life down against the dark soil
I taste the wine of death and my blood starts to boil
I quench the flame and the sky turns to night
I float in the absence of light

The sweetness of dead, no misery nor woe
We belong dead, dead where we are to go
A cursed land, the wolven father's seat
Where the Devil and his children
Still walk with earthly feet
This Velvet Blackness
There is a poison in my blood, in my soul
This Velvet Blackness
There is a poison in my heart, in my soul

Behold the pendulum's begun to swing
The reek of Death appearing, the darkness moving in
I see the night is coming, it's carried by the wind
A darkened sky before me, my monument of sin
This Velvet Blackness
There is a poison in my blood, in my soul
Come put your sweet disease in me
Now burn in me, scourge the insides of me!

Boiling Black Blood
Dissolving Black Blood
Boiling Black Blood
Coagulate Black Blood

CD 1
  • 1 Vagina Dentata
  • 2 Wanderer in the Outer Darkness
  • 3 Spectres
  • 4 לילה
  • 5 Suspiria de profundis
  • 6 Through the Velvet Black
  • 7 Rånda
  • 8 When the Sky Is Black With Devils
  • 9 Spell
  • 10 Ultra Silvam
  • 11 Apparitions

  • Release information
    label: Invictus Productions
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    script: Latin