Hoe but Can't Help It Lyrics - Trick Daddy feat. Buddy Roe

Buddy Roe Book of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-2-15
length: 3:30
performer: Buddy Love
Trick Daddy
I figure you'se a ho but you can't help it
'Cause being raised by a ho is kinda hectic
Old material *****
Gold-digging for them tender dicks
A real ***** never give you **** Biotch
Born and raised in the **********ing projects ho
Getting money by at the pak Jam, by the back door
Wearing them shorts up your *** with a tube top
Letting *****s stick they fingers all in the ****
***** all big and wet, looking good and ****
Smelling like dead fish
And every week it's the same **** you and that lil ****
And every time I see you, you got to have ****
You wants mo' respect
You gets no respect
And all you want is some hardcore sex
1, 2, 3, yes you know
4, 5, 6, 7 *****s in your hole
Back-to-back from the back, head and all
Doo-doo brown and licked his hairy *** balls
In the streets late-night me, you, and all my boys
What I'm thinking 'bout honey bun (honey bun)
You got the ***** running up in you
Shake it like "Naww, I'm not trying to do you"
No good freak, is the same but I love you
I'm off in you skin-deep ************ let's do it again sometimes you like
that, huh?
The next nut going out for your grandma
You'se a ho but you can't help it 'cause you don't know it
I figure you'se a hoe but you can't help it, 'cause you don't know it
Oh, Oh, Ho
You'se a hoe but you can't help it, 'cause you don't know it
Buddy Roe
Stupid ***** you done dropped out of high school
But who's the fool?
You'se a prime example
You met a ***** named Mike
at the nice Lexus lane looking like grands for the night
Times are hard, you scared, your rent is due
It ain't no limit to the **** you do
You making records in the studio
Telling me it ain't who you know it's who you blow
I'll hit you up for a gangbang
Have you doing strange thangs for some small change
Keeping it real
****ing with the wrong pops
Longshoreman on the dock
Head, booty and ****
You get what he got
Shooting tech to his whole cat
Took him home let him hit you from the back
With tax because it's like that
I figure you'se a Ho Ho Ho
You can't trust
A ***** with a big butt
You get the guts, then tell that ho to keep in touch
Jimmy-up when I bust her
****ed her
HIV can't trust her
I got too much to lose
Cash rules
Protect the family jewels
And I ain't going out like Easy
Believe me
A ***** disease free
Trick Daddy
Had another baby, blame it on the same *****
Reason being is seeing that he's a dope dealin
*****, you'se a fiend you want ****
You wan't much flow,
But I can't pay you ho
You dissed Trick,
And now you on the hitlist
I dogged you out, and now you getting **** ****
I told my boys
That you make much noise
And you like getting off with those sex toys
A bunch of high school hos at the Goom-Bay*
They got they drawers in they hands like it's okay
They got all the *****s jockin 'cause they **** fat
The young hoes turning heads 'cause they got back
Now, they finer than them hos off TV
But, they ****ing every ***** on fifteenth
So I figgaaaaaaa
You'se a Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho
Chorus with variation until the end
* The goom-bay is a Caribbean music celebration down in miami

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