Thug Life Again Lyrics - Trick Daddy feat. Money Mark

Money Mark Book of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-2-15
length: 3:26
Verse 1: Money Mark

It's hard for a ***** just to breathe in the streets
Let alone trying to make cheese in the streets
*****'s bleeding in the streets
So I don't go, unless I'm chillin' on the low with my middle finger up
And I'm ridin' for Buddy Roe
Cause he jammed in it
My dog got slammed in it
I even lost Bam in it, wait a damn minute
This the street life, cracker think a ***** fadeless
Cause I'm tryin' to make it out the matrix, **** this *****
*****'s life for dope and *****'s die for dope
And *****'s die cause they live on dope
And I remember when I told 'cha Roe
I would've shed blood for ya'
A ***** still got much love for ya'
*****, believe that, and yeah Money Mark mean that
Until the day a ***** lean back
This how a ***** show you real love
A dedication to them real thugs
Cause we the last one's livin'

Chorus: (repeat 2x) Trick Daddy

All I need to get on is a few good men with big guns
We can break Buddy Roe out the pin
And then it's thug life again *****, thug life *****, huh

Verse 2: Trick Daddy

I'm 'bout a G short, not bees
One of my (???) got caught with three ki's
And he ain't taking no pleas
Ride or die, holla thug life
I know the feeling, I know exactly what it look like
Buddy Roe you better hold on
Cause when the crackers catch ya' they'll hide 'cha *** for so long
And they'll ship ya' *** so far
They'll probably (???) turn round duce things in yo' car
Hell, I rather the go to war with 'em
They got guns but my guns skreeting mo' with 'em
Bullets that explode in 'em
Huh, and I don't see no vest
But cha'll know the rest
That rapid fire hit 'em right in the chest
His mammy gotta right 'em a check
For the rose for the dead man
Huh, you understand, ***** it's thug life again

Chorus: repeat 4x

All I need to get on is a few good men with big guns
Just to break Buddy Roe out the pin
And then it's thug life again *****, thug life *****, huh

Trick Daddy talking:
Thug life ***** **** *****'s die in thug life
**** *****'s ain't gone never be ****, ain't gone never succeed
**** *****'s ain't gone never have no money
Cause them real *****'s can take it
**** *****'s can keep calling the police
You **** *****'s can keep crossing ya'll (???) on a *****
This **********ing thug life you ***** *** ****
**** sucking, **** licking ***,
**** in the bootie, **** flauging *** *****,
ya'll *****'s know who ya'll is
**** ya, one time, for them **********ing killers
One time for the dope dealers
One time for any ************ in America, who 'bout some war
'Bout some legal getting money ****, tax free biiitch!!!

Chorus comes back on to repeat 2x

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