Who Sang No More to Say? Trick-Trick feat. Eminem & Proof

Proof The People vs. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-12-27
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:56
[Intro: Trick-Trick]
You know what the days of talkin is over
It ain't too much mo' we can say
to try to get these, different individuals
Or m_________ers as I like to call 'em
To just, shut the f___ up
Let's go

You witnessed the a__ whoopin, bones got broke
When the .50-cal blast, couldn't last through the smoke
As you choke, pay attention, bear winess to this m_________er twitchin
You excited cause none of the bullets hit you, they missed you
And we ain't trippin, wasn't after you
But you p___ED, just like a b____ when n____z laughed at you
Now you agitated a little bit, actin just like a little b____
I figured that you would surface and knew you happened to manage to pop s___
Sayin "Trick that, Trick this"
When the b____ that you had left when I popped him
You shoulda died with him, body and soul coulda burned
I'ma keep killin these b____es 'til everybody learn
f___ time, and it's time these f___ers just start dyin
I ain't sayin this for sake of this rhyme, and I ain't LYIN
I'm man enough to say it and mean it, n____z can be gone
I'ma do another verse but it ain't much more I can SPEAK on!

[Chorus: Eminem]
There's nothin more these words can say (can say)
This hard-headed m_________er just won't let it lay (let it lay)
So say a prayer for this player cause he's goin to his grave (to his grave)
So stand clear, b____es better get the f___ out my way (my way)

Let me show you how I started as a starvin artist
This is Proof with the truth regardless of all this (for real)
As my CEO and best friend of the essence
of why nobody in Detroit wan' test him (huh?)
Lesson learned, flesh get burned
Tecs in turn, a scar harder than a press and burn
Everlast the beef is over, you can sleep this over
Clique been filled the streets with soldiers
Includin me, I move and creep with uzi fleets
that choose to lead, I'll put your dudes to sleep
Who is he? (Trick!) Trick, no treat
That street life, AK that still'll lift your feet (blaow!)
The rest of these n____z is comical, I'ma go abdominal
Split like a domino, rhymin pro
Shine without a diamond, go Geronimo to any man with b____
Murder you b____es, still screamin "f___ the law!"


Since talkin about it is considered as conversation
then I'm more than HAPPY to be the sponsor of demonstrations
From beatin these cases to bustin in faces and bustin these K's
n____z gon' act like they don't wanna act right
f___ THAT! Had to begin settin the trend
of organizin a mob, and bringin it to an end
The levels of toleration'll cease, for givin passes
That's why my reputation precedes for beatin a__es
Entertainers, they take it as a joke and they tend to provoke
an up-and-comin undergrad; m_________ers got me mad
f___ it, I'ma give it to 'em if you really gon' do 'em
If this m_________er even BLINKS, put a clip into him
Don't even think of negotiatin a treaty
The reason most of these n____z is hatin is cause they greedy
Uncovered another man's s___, now that's a real b____
Now the NEXT m_________er gon' DIE, that's IT!


[Outro: Trick-Trick]
Kill one of you b____es

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 M-1
  • 3 Welcome 2 Detroit
  • 4 My Name Is Trick Trick
  • 5 Attitude Adjustment
  • 6 Big Mistake
  • 7 No More to Say
  • 8 Leave Your Past
  • 9 Lady (Let You Go)
  • 10 Let's Roll
  • 11 Get Bread
  • 12 Sucha
  • 13 War
  • 14 What da Fuck
  • 15 Let's Scrap
  • 16 Head Bussa

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin