Who Sang Leave Your Past? Trick-Trick

Trick-Trick The People vs. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-12-27
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:25

Come on. This one for all my people. I wish I could wipe your tears away. I feel your pain, just know that I feel your pain.

It's time for me to send a little message to my people to pray for us all to be delivered from this evil. And if you will god take away the pain, the pressure and the strain on brotha's trapped up in the game. Kind of an harder question from a thug who already escaped and put the sack down right before I went up state. I got a whole lot of nerve don't I but I be blessed for the speaking of your word won't I? . See that the point that I'm tryna prove, don't be destorted by your past when you tryna move. Keep your eyes on the prize above, don't let the past be the last of the eyes of love. Believe that he understands, believe that he got the power to deliver every man. Telling you not to think about it is easy for me to say, only if I could wipe your tears away. But I feel ya

Don't think about it

It's kind of hard when the 10 and 11 o'clock news come on, the stories that break first is what's really goin on. Like what could've possesed this man to do what he did, purchased a 12 gauge pump and shot 4 of his kids. His own flesh and blood, if that ain't enough he set a fire to his house to burn his kids up. But one of the kids survived and after all that she asked the earmess where her father was at, Lord. It hurts so bad inside, I feel the pain of the mother of the kids that died. God, I don't deserve the right to ask you why, if you could comfort all they souls at the times they cry. Come on. This little lady need a hug from us, it's time for us to show these babys all this love from us. I hear a cry for a father figure, baby when you call I be there to wipe away your tears. Come on.

Don't think about it

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 M-1
  • 3 Welcome 2 Detroit
  • 4 My Name Is Trick Trick
  • 5 Attitude Adjustment
  • 6 Big Mistake
  • 7 No More to Say
  • 8 Leave Your Past
  • 9 Lady (Let You Go)
  • 10 Let's Roll
  • 11 Get Bread
  • 12 Sucha
  • 13 War
  • 14 What da Fuck
  • 15 Let's Scrap
  • 16 Head Bussa

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin