Who Sang The Starbucks of County Down? Trifolkal

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length: 2:32
On a tour bus bound out of Dublin Town
One morning last July
Passed a sweet colleen, wearing cut-off jeans
Thought she winked as she caught my eye

I asked the driver if he did know
Where this lovely lass hangs around
He said, she's the queen of the steam machine
At the Starbucks of County Down

Like soft ice cream from the Dairy Queen
Her skin was as fair as I've found
No babe I've seen like the sweet colleen
From the Starbucks of County Down

So I roved right down to her cafe counter
And ordered a tall latte
Made her laugh when I said "decaf"
And I knew she'd be mine that day

Her eyes were green as young coffee beans
Her hair it was hazelnut brown
There was foam and froth, when we pledged our troth
At the Starbucks of County Down

Roasted, dark, espresso blend
Columbian freshly ground
These are all great words that you have not heard
As the song is a-winding down

From Bantry Beach to Seattle streets
From Galway to Puget Sound
No babe I've seen like my sweet colleen
The barista of County Down

Yes, my bride's the queen of the cappuccin-o
At the Starbucks of County Down

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