Who Sang I Got a Bottle? Trina feat. Missy Elliott

Release information
Release Date: 2008-4-1
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:32
I got a bottle, I got a cup
I got ice, so what's up
Walk in the club wearing superstar clothes
Feelin' like money cause I collect dough
Moe miney meenie inny
Whose got the trone (Patrone) and Henny?

I been sippin' on Cavalli that shits so strong
Like Paris Hilton, gotta carry me home
So full, so far gone
Forgot where I parked, and lost my iPhone
Still lookin' good and pretty
Bad ***** in every city
Rocks, diamonds, I got plenty
Ice for the cup, now pour the Henney
Escorted in the club, I brought the whole team
Ain't no guest, it's a rock-star theme
Everybody lookin' of course it's the queen
They admirin' the crown, and the 10 caret ring
I'm known for pimpin' these rappers
I should get an Oscar award for my acting
When they actually think that I'm feelin' em
That's when I take they money, then I'm killin' em


Watch me get ghost in the phantom
Somethin' like a pimp like David Banner
M I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter
Crooked letter I humpback humpback
I, am so off the chain
Spyin' bottles ain't a thing
Plus I'm gonna make it rain
So much money they think she's insane
You a 7 digit ***** if you holla at a brah
With a 7 digit figga you should come in by the bar
I'm talkin' buying bottles, Cavalli Vodka
I'm wet and hot like lava
I'm switchin' 4 lanes in range
Hangin' out the roof talkin' money ain't a thing
Comin' all out my shirt on champagne
Damn lill miss Trina off da chain


I don't swerve I spin
Drive a pearl phantom
I'm so stinky stinky rich,
My damn dog drive a benz
Powder blue diamond shoes
Shinin' suits, liverachi boo
Stuntin' on you, like boo who you
I'm a icon ***** I though you knew
I only drop bombs, haters be like uh-uh
Girl who she think she is
I'm is what you want is
Girl I don't want yo man but I'll yo man
Yo man and his friend they both my fans
You don't understand miss demeanor ain't playin'
When we go out to eat I got yo man payin'


Moe miney meenie inny [x12]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Still da Baddest
  • 3 Killing You Hoes
  • 4 Single Again
  • 5 Look Back at Me
  • 6 I Got a Thang for You
  • 7 I Got a Bottle
  • 8 Wish I Never Met You
  • 9 Clear It Out
  • 10 Stop Traffic
  • 11 Phone Sexxx
  • 12 Hot Commodity