Who Sang Rewind That Back? Trina feat. Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott Diamond Princess cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-8-27
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:17
performer: Missy Elliott
Ugh, Ugh, Ugh....Woooo!!!

Yo, I'm a diamond in the rough
See I roll from the slum
Any little old city is like nowhere to run
The game's on you till you stand on your own two

Check this out *****s---This is what we gonna do
1!- We gon' bang this
2!- We gon' sing this
3!- We on top of the world but we ain't saying ****

It's the movement, and the truth is
'Cause Trina and Missy ain't gots to prove ****
We brake down floors (BAM!!)
Brake down doors (BOOM!!)

5 month tours just brake down do'
We brake down hoes, we brake down foes
Run through pockets just straight down yo's
M-I-A to V-A its real why'all

We shakin' up bottles to let 'em spill why'all
This is Slip-N-Slide askin' "What the deal why'all?"
If you ain't throwin' them bows then I don't feel why'all

[Chorus: Missy]
If you talk **** yo might get slapped
Brah! Yup I said slapped
Ain't no other chicks that's gon' bring it like that now

Up in the spot you got your glocks on lock and.
Hey! This join goin' knock
Up in the club I said this joint don't stop

Why'all know how real woman come down
Low cut copes when Trina come round
Reggae DJ screamin "COME DOWN!!"
We ?? it off top but want some now

Sit back-- and praise the don diva
I'm ?? -- trust me I'm gon' leave ya
Who blows streets up? Ya man want eat us?
Different flows,flavors,hoes- No Favors!

Don't pay us we'll shut that down
What's that loud? (Owww!!) Cut that down!
Got a CL6 but what's that now?
If he not talkin big money, **** that clown!

Excuse my french, I won't stress the issue
If he ain't lookin out he's just messin with you
I'm a Mercedes mami, maybe the Lex official
If you want to get on I'll have Flex to hit you


Damn why'all-Da-Da-Da-Da Damn why'all!
Hurtin and scurrin I'm like I took my panties off
Knuckle and Buckle em' ***** I ain't scared of why'all
You wrestle this muscle that's gon' be your damn fault

Yow! I make screams like Prince
Spay em' and lay em' but you gon' never touch this
Beat em' don't eat em but you gon' always need Miss (Miss)
'Cause me and Miss Trina goin' always switch it like this
Come on!


CD 1
  • 1 Sommore (Intro)
  • 2 Hustling
  • 3 Told Y'all
  • 4 Rewind That Back
  • 5 B R Right
  • 6 U & Me
  • 7 Busted (Skit)
  • 8 Nasty Bitch
  • 9 No Panties
  • 10 I Wanna Holla
  • 11 How We Do?
  • 12 Kandi
  • 13 Ladies 1st
  • 14 Get This Money
  • 15 100%
  • 16 Do You Want Me?
  • 17 Sommore (Outro)