Who Sang Reach Out? Trina

Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-4
Genre: Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing
length: 3:43
This ***** be just callin' my phone
I be like why do you call me I never gave you my number first of all
I find it rude for you to call somebody
It's like I got ya number from your people,
Some people, but I was like well I didn't give you my number so you shouldn't call my phone
Hold on 1 sec. baby, hello?

She left you all alone, so take my body home
I'm here to make ya moan (reach out, touch me)
Now feel some naked sweat bet it'll drip right down your neck, when I talk ya won't forget
(reach out, touch me)
You want a hella chick lemme sign some other ****, you get the tip to lick n ooh
(reach out, touch me)
Sit back n close your eyes, don't try to take your time, it's gonna be a night
(reach out, touch me)

I say G's feel ya *** up, me up on a plasma, is there anything better you can ask for?
Ain't nothin' sweeter than a diva named Trina
Fresh to death like I live at the cleaners
I'm so sexy I could kiss myself
But why do it when I know that I could get some help
Yo take my number, let it marinate, don't even wonder how I turned a winter's night into summer
Ponder, in ya mind, this spot it 69,
I'll make sure you'll get yours now gimme mine
You know, holla at me, throw a thousand to a dolla at me
Gucci, miss sixty, to some prada at me (reach out, touch me)
Shower me with the finest things, diamond rings, tea cups, ?? and designer jeans
I got this call comin' in, I'll hit ya back
Be prepared to cross our lines that connect-picture that


Can ya hear me nanna?
Ya hear me better?
Good, I'm ready to seva and down for whatever
I'd slid you my digits nah, come pay a visit
Your no ("man-chick"), that's just ready to handle business
Ooh my bedroom moans louder than ring tones
My sexy ninja have ya shoppin at Queen's Home
My girls told me bout your line with a 3-way
But this curious cat don't wanna go off what 'she' say
So get over to room star 67
Where I block the haters and a playa get a piece of heaven
Lemme know when you downstairs in mike's kitchen, it's the playgirl's suite
Before I change my decision
Curve instructions no disturbance when I nurse on you
Off the hook in a lawn waitin' in my birthday suit
No dis when I give you my hand
I'm about to give the limit to plan-goddamn


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