Who Sang That’s My Attitude? Trina

Release information
Release Date: 2010-5-4
length: 3:41
Money over everything (that's my attitude)
Still the baddest ***** in the game (that's my attitude)
Talk to ya man when I get ready (that's my attitude)
Have him blowing stacks I ain't petty (that's my attitude)
(yeah)that's my attitude (yeah) (that's my attitude)
And I feel like I'm tha ****, (that's my attitude)
(yeah)(that's my attitude) (yeah) (that's my attitude)
I feel like I run this **** (that's my attitude)

Money over everything I'm all about my change
I'm still rich, still the baddest ***** in the game
**** this hoe, that hoe, all them *****es lame
And I ain't gotta say it, you already know the name.
See I'm still running over *****es, still ****in' ova *****s
Ya husband and yo boyfriend I don't see none them *****s
I roll with C-E-O and stock brokers *****s
While you b riding around town with the brokest *****s
I'm filthy rich my money talk a lot ****
I don't hear ya hoe, here let me turn it down a bit
I feel like I'm the ****, I feel I run this ****
I'm bout to marry my money, I'm so in love with it (yea)


Go and do ya thang shawty, naw I ain't mad at chu
But chu can't **** with me, I'm mo betta' than you
My waist skinny my *** more fatter than you
Sorry for being conceited that's just my attitude
Get on my level hoe you ain't on my latitude
I got plenty cribs, no tellin' where I travel too
You thank u living good, I got a better view
Condo on south beach, beach villa in Malibu
Hate to brag, but I got a hundred in that, new Louie bag
Pull up in the Benz with tha paypa' tag
I got major swag, them *****s yellin' "shawty bad"
Them hoes mad, cause I got everything they wish they had. (yea)


M-O-E that's the **** that I'm on
If you ain't got no money, take yo broke *** home
You talkin' couple hundred betta' leave me alone.
Need diamonds and black cars, save ya dollas for tha shones (come on)
I'm on tha paper chase, my man paypa' straight,
He took me to his house "welcome to the safe"
"Oh My God" he made it hard to keep a straight face
I got 'em on his knees telling me "how good it taste"
You *****es hella fake, I'm getting hella cake
Like I'm the birthday girl, it's time to celebrate
I'm so paid, looking sharp with the Louie shades
I put these *****es in they place (that's my attitude)

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