Who Sang Turn Away? Trinacria

Trinacria Travel Now Journey Infinitely cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-4-14
length: 9:14
Turn away
Distance no longer dependant
No need to adjust
Amplify, magnify and negate
Bleed the wounds
Lose the numbness
Gnawing at the stitches
Turning away
Increased distance
Radio-active memory
Chained and shackled
In self-made cages
Fear of the light
Not trusting the dark
Turned away
A distance too far gone
Towards the triangular
The all-seeing Eye
Leaving a trail of smoke
As it all burns
Across the border
Into Neither-Neither land

CD 1
  • 1 Turn Away
  • 2 The Silence
  • 3 Make No Mistake
  • 4 Endless Roads
  • 5 Breach
  • 6 Travel Now Journey Infinitely