Who Sang On the Road Again? Trixter

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Release Date: 1992-10-13
length: 3:44
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Picture this baby if you wanna know
What it's like to be a travelin'
Rock-N-Roll Show
It'a a little bit fiction but fact when you see
So if you got the balls come inside with me
To the life I can live without
To the life where it's one big freak show
Round and round upside down
Keep the wheels rollin'
Through the dead of the night
500 miles 'til broad daylight
Ya party 'til 6 ya sleep 'til it's 5
Then you're playin for the people
To keep the dream alive
In my soul a true infection
In my soul a constant erection
Of the body and the mind
Yeah that's the life my friend
When you're on the road again
New York to Japan on the road again
All across the land
Got the tour bus, hotels, and the limousines
Got my face plastered on every magazine
Got the managers, lawyers, and the record execs
Pullin' me in and out but it sure ain't like sex
And my mama's always naggin' about
The MTV Son why ain't you number one? You're only number three
But it's all packed up and the day is done
I know I live this life 'cause I live for fun
Yeah when you're on the road again
New York to Japan on the road again
All across the land on the road again
L.A. to Londontown on the road again
Tearin' the houses down
"Who shall say that the American Dream is ended"
Adlai Stevenson

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  • Release information
    label: MCA Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 008811063528
    script: Latin