Who Sang It’s in Your Hands? Trouble feat. Low Down & Dirty Black

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Mike WiLL Made It

He just walked off like went to the bathroom
But from the whole time he hit Atlanta, 'bout like three months

Dear God
We just looked like, yeah, say a lil' prayer out here, whatever he did
I barely, rarely ever come to ya 'bout things ya know
'Cause I feel like you gave me a
Great mind so I handle things on my own but
I need you to watch shawty for me man, really love 'em
You know Lord I live by certain rules that
I live by street rules and
I hope you can understand that 'cause that's the way I was brought up and that's the way I was raised so
The way we gotta go get it is the way we gotta go get it

But I feel you know that my heart is pure, you know
That I'm not doing this out of ill intentions
I really need this one, I really need this to work
Please, Lord, don't let him **** over young'n ya know
I need him
Bring him back to me, it's in yo hands, it's in yo hands

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