Who Sang The Day Before? Trouble

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Really rare, that why I rarely **** wit *****s

Yerr, what poppin' lil gangsta?
**** what you doin'?
**** slow motion like a mu****a right now, really just boolin'
Ya know, work the same mu****a 1, 2, ***** out this bih' though
I ain't trippin, what poppin' on yo end?
Hm, nothin' much, just got off work, tired
You goin' straight to the bricks?
Really no, I got another client forreal but, might have to reschedule
Lil' momma good ova there?
Yeah she's straight, glad everything done cleared
****, mu****a goddamn growin' taller than a tree

Nah forreal, **** time be flyin' man, everything good though
That wassup, well **** man, I'ma get back witcha in a minute though
Man I'm finna goddamn ya know, get back to it thug, waz hannin' lil' bit later on?
Okay be safe
No question
Love you
Love, life

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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin