Who Sang Breathing? Troubled Coast

Release information
Release Date: 2011-4-5
length: 3:20
Remember the day you said that breathing was for the birds and you sucked in the nicotine and blew out pieces of you and me. You unlaced all your organs. You f***** with the best of me. Breathing feels so close to normal. Breathing seems apropos(by your side). Now breathe in, the world is forming. Now breathe out, you've made the seas. Now breathing's not for the sovereign and breathing's for you and me. If breathing's not for you then breathing's not me. If breathing's not for you then breathing means nothing now.

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  • 1 Amends
  • 2 Wolf Republic
  • 3 Breathing
  • 4 Night Drives
  • 5 It's Not Good For You
  • 6 Drug Halo
  • 7 Feigned Belief
  • 8 Xx/Yy
  • 9 Absent Father, Holy Ghost
  • 10 Me and My Shadow
  • 11 A Shallow Place
  • 12 Love