Who Sang Push Play? Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts Truthfully Speaking cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-6-25
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul Folk, World, & Country
Style: RnB/Swing/Indian Classical/Pop Rap/Soul
length: 2:44
[Truth Hurts]
I decided I'm a get my **** together, mhhm
Deal with the truth, I call the rules
I've got somethin' to say (wow)

(Well) well
Now I believe when it's real, you got to face it, yeaah
It's called the truth I think I heard somebody saaayin
This waaay

Let the truth be told
Let the truth be told (told)
Let the truth be told
Let the truth be told (told)

I say... (tooold)
Let the truth be told!

[Dr. Dre] (Truth Hurts)
Do y'all want to know the truth?
The *****s can't handle the truth
In fact, they scared of it

See let me explain somethin to ya
Truth is...
These *****s seein that we at it again
Straight up to work this magic again

So can I get a witness?
Except us on some pimp ****
Introducin Truth to the world
They ain't ready for this soulful singer like a real ***** supposed to

Music you can coast to
Put it on when them hatin *****s roll through
Not fake, not false like the average
Nobody's ****in takin advantage

She's out to do damage
To all why'all are'n'be *****es
(Yes I am)
Ain't hard for her to see *****es

Even the words you think is key *****es
(Here I am)
I told y'all, well if i haven't sold y'all
Keep your ear to the street

You *****es have no idea what I'm about to unleash
And if you're wondering where's the proof
You should wait no longer 'cause here's the truth

[Truth Hurts] (Dr. Dre)
Who's hot
They not
That's why
I drop this ****

You cop
Put mine on... ???
Things just ain't gone be the same
*****s who truth put up in the game

What was why'all doin before? (Bullshittin'?)
If you didn't, now you know
I just don't understand why *****s settle ??? than number
{*KRS-One sample*} 1, 1, 1, 1, ...

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