Who Sang This? Tryad

Tryad Listen cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-8-26
length: 4:54

This is the way
How we move through the rain
How we grow through the pain
Into the day
Of youth born again

This is the place
Where we open up our minds
Where we turn and raise our eyes
Into the space
Of limitless faith

This is everything

This is the time
Where we find we've got enough
Where everyone all gives up
Into the light
Of universal love

This is home
Where you and i both come from
Where we are forever one
Within this sea
Of tranquility

This is everything

This is the end
Where nothing else can be said
Where words can no longer tread
Onward we go
Beyond the known

  • 1 Struttin'
  • 2 Breathe
  • 3 Alone
  • 4 Listen
  • 5 You Are God
  • 6 Lovely
  • 7 Beauty
  • 8 Empty
  • 9 Mesmerize
  • 10 All the Same
  • 11 This
  • 12 Waltz Into the Moonlight
  • 13 Far and Away