Who Sang Wide Awake? Tuck & Patti

Tuck & Patti Learning How to Fly cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-11-24
length: 4:38
producer: Patti Cathcart
vocal: Patti Cathcart
mixer: Howard Johnston
engineer: Tuck Andress
electric guitar: Tuck Andress
arranger: Patti Cathcart
editor: Howard Johnston
assistant engineer: Adlai Alexander
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There was a time in my life,
when I thought, my only choice
was to run away

From, so much, hatred
oh it seems sometimes,
that the killing will never end
I was afraid,
I could not see the end,
in sight
and so i did
what so many others often do
I took all my feelings
and i put them all to sleep
until i could not feel
anymore pain

But you cannot change a thing
if you cannot feel your heart
and so I prayed for strength
to help me face my fears

I remember the day
and although it hurt me deep
I was happy for my tears

For it meant that i was wide awake
ready to take my place
in the war that's going
for hearts and mind

For it meant that i was wide awake
and I won't hesitate to stand and tell the truth
to save a life

So many suffer and cry
while too many of us turn our heads
and hide
oh... for lack of our love
today 10,000 children closed their eyes
and died

oooh its hard to take
we cannot face this madness
and so we go back to the place
where we feel safe
oh , we take all of our feelings
and put them all to sleep
until we cannot feel
anymore pain

Don't be be afraid
because wide awake
there will be many others
who join you on your way
oh and there is so much beauty
you just have to open up your eyes
wide awake sometimes your heart will break
when you hear another anguished cry
oh but in the middle of the sorrow
you have to realise
if you cannot look
then you cannot change
open up your eyes
don't be afraid
i'm right beside you
i'm here beside you
i'll never leave you lonely
i keep my head up
and my heart wide open
don't go to sleep
don't slumber
wake up
we're depending on you.

I'm thankful
and I'm so grateful
that I'm wide awake.

Deen Hameed 23/04/2008 16:41:39

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  • Release information
    label: Epic Records
    country(area): Japan
    format: CD
    barcode: 4988010607128
    script: Latin