Who Sang My Mess? Tuesday

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Emo/Punk
length: 3:30

It's days,

meaningless like this one,

that seem magical in ways,

no one else can see, no onebut me.

As if I wasn't scared enough.

And these days just won't change.

These days,

sick and sore I swear I'll end it all,

I know how to quit,

or call in sick to everyone.

And I'll be moving on.

Except these days just won't change.

Forever doesn't look so good,

so forever I must try and think of ways

to clean up my mess,

unlock the door,

it's time for me to try to leave.

These days,

long and uninspired, I feel empty and so tired.

Nothing to show for what is now

just a lack of strength.

And these days just won't change.

We're in Hell,

Will it end?

Will I ever control myself?

Will I ever find my childhood strength?

Will these days ever change?

Will it end?

CD 1
  • 1 Goodbyes Have Been Said
  • 2 Sixty-Eight
  • 3 My Mess
  • 4 Everything Left Out
  • 5 Please Come Home
  • 6 Another Disco Party?
  • 7 Disappear
  • 8 So Awake
  • 9 Too Much of Today
  • 10 Let the Stars Play