Twista - Anomosity Kills Lyrics

release date: 1994-10-18
genres: Hip Hop
length: 4:24
[Verse 1]

My mental complex can get as lethal as bomb threats when I put together patterns and concepts. MCs evacuate, when I activate raps, a fate brain, m_________s to e________ s___ that decapitate. n____s backs'll break when I captivate; I'm strapped with hate when I mack a plate to my m_________ers heads over the gate. Beat MCs, that ease in the breeze, freeze 'em at three degrees, flow be a tease, n____s don't got the key to beat me. All for the s___ that I'm bussin', discussin' us and verbal dust then I'm crushin' guts and nuts and leavin' n____s disgusted. When I burst 'em like rockets I pull eyes out sockets put a clip to my lip and c___ it for punks without a pocket, top it. I'm too hype to stop it, you're too microscopic, I dwell in the chamber like toxic on point as if a sniper pops it. Rhythms get optic; are you ready for emergency surgery, verbally, for accusing me of flow burglary? Third degree, hotter than red devil n____s get burnt. Ruin the m_________er's blessings until the lesson's learned, you earned, the right to lose teeth if beef was instilled. Can it possibly build? I don't know, but animosity kills.


On stages and in cyphers how many rappers that remain. (So real...) Take 'em down (Animosity kills...). Infrared is torment, f___ representin' we campaignin'. (So real...) Take 'em down (Agony kills...). Before the conflict, make sure you know just what you gain. (So real...) Take 'em down (Animosity kills...). Speedknots bomb s___, stray leavin' competitors hanged. (So real...) Take 'em down (Agony kills...).

[Verse 2]

It's your funeral, so order some flowers from the florist. I'm turnin' the hardest chumps into bigger gumps than Forrest. You can't ignore this, vocals get omnivorous, catch rigor mortis, the trigger for this is the chorus, my guns are cordless. Or is, my strategy's agony make a star battle be tragedy? The majesty leaves n____s dead as car batteries. Them raggedy, rappers get ripped when the mic marauder chokes, thinkin' tomorrow's hope, but death is in your horoscope. When my horror scopes, pages travel s___e ages, stages, I work 'em wise, when hype is on microphones I circumsize. Been hurtin' thighs, of a b____'s physical composition, competition gets dismissed if listed as opposition. My mission's position is dissin'. Take a hit of this. Rather hit or miss, I still would split a wrist, like a c___oris. Cuz I injure this, hyping just to make agony beat out it. Me lose? I doubt it, so if I'm in your path n____, re-route it. How'd it, happen to my crew is what's said when I scare a staff, I tear in half, m_________ers with every paragraph. Sit there and laugh, cuz you can't bear the wrath. As tragedy builds, animosity and agony kills.


[Verse 3]

(I) slay rappers of simplicity, it ain't s___ to me, get wit me, I take the victory, you must not know my history. Sniff the scent of the magnificent I done kill n____s in battles. Still when they come back for seconds I'm on some different s___. My prototype shows that I explode like dolomite when I hold the mic, n____s that test might as well throw the fight. My flow's got strike. Range from passionate to blastin' it, with your a__ in it, on the stage is where I let your casket sit fast and s___. Comin' through like a prowler, punks I devour, testin' me is worse than hiding from Norman Bates in the shower. Horror ya'll, causin' the f___in' b_____ waterfall, only way I see competition is if you brought a ball. I slaughter all; all your crew members just outta call. Plus submission, but if you keep dissing we just gotta brawl. So what's the call? If you let animosity build, tragedy will, and through the feet is when agony kills.


(Hit me!) x 4

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Da Resurrection
  • 2 Suicide (remix)
  • 3 Anomosity Kills
  • 4 Street Paranoia
  • 5 React With a Mic
  • 6 Scat Like Dat
  • 7 Return
  • 8 Dirt on the Down Low
  • 9 Shadow Boxin
  • 10 All About the Papes
  • 11 One Shot, One Kill
  • 12 Suicide (original)