Twista - Return Lyrics

release date: 1994-10-18
genres: Hip Hop
length: 4:19

[Dreadlock Rasta]

(Introduces Twista , shouts out other jamaican lingo.)

[Verse 1: Twista]
Its the return of the rattatatat
With the fatta' backpack full of raps for
Backtracks Plus that gat that I carry like a cellular
Then they can tell you tha...
Babyface bandit dont play and i for them send ??hel?u?ah??
( Done Daddy)
Wit more Beef than a patty from some suckers
That tend to diss the twista To hell with dem dumb ..
Respect the way i kicks em' , Im rippin' vics up
Bloody spits up, and neva gets up
When i speed nah clicks up
Rips up with grammar I damage ya like J. Rue
Im torchering sucker punks, on ??backtracks i see dre do??
Hit em with Lyrical dropkicks, poke eyes with chopsticks
Fly in More mcs heads than cockpits
With criminal topics, as soon as the Glock spits i drop vics
Quick to commit a murder
My grandma ?? Alberta told me to let my fat flow hurt ah
Sucka that think hes phatta, ya got ta, smack that
Fool, its the return of the rattatatat

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Da Resurrection
  • 2 Suicide (remix)
  • 3 Anomosity Kills
  • 4 Street Paranoia
  • 5 React With a Mic
  • 6 Scat Like Dat
  • 7 Return
  • 8 Dirt on the Down Low
  • 9 Shadow Boxin
  • 10 All About the Papes
  • 11 One Shot, One Kill
  • 12 Suicide (original)