Who Sang Different? Twiztid

Twiztid Freek Show cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-10-31
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Horrorcore
length: 3:34
[Jamie Madrox]
They the exact opposite from you ignorant, counterfeit
Normal ************s so proud of the innocence
For ever in this *****, ****in' with the dead
With invisible X's in the middle of our foreheads
(What would you call us?) Actin' like you don't know
In the midst of the Twiztid Serial Killin' Juggalos
We stay different, I guess different minds think alike
We the children of the night
You don't want to fight (that's right)
'cause if it gets this way
There's goin' be more than feelin's hurt up in here tonight
That's what it's like when your ****in' with us
And then you get ****ed up and **** is, Oh, so serious
Don't even speak on us
Now I know, that everyone got their own personal reason for hatin' us
But I don't care *****, shut the **** up
Try strange, deranged, divine, and different

I'm not like you
I like ****in' with voodoo
I come from the darkside
I've seen the dead come alive

[Monoxide Child]
Dispised by the rest of the world, 'cause of my axe
The freaked out raps, and the bugged *** contacts
Not normal, nothin' in comparison
Stop frontin' *****, you's embarrisin' (HOE)
separated from the rest at birth
And the blood in my viens is cursed
I'm leavin' the Earth, represented by killas and juggalos
And all that don't know should die like some dumb hoes
My contingent mind state spreads quicker than the cold in most states
And I hope you both hate (HATER)
Can't stop what you can't see
I'm slippin' in through your backdoor, tyin' up your family
Unexpected, and unexplained
I'm underground, and I'M INSAAAAANE
People want to talk the talk, but I'mma walk the walk
And even chalk the chalk, *****


[Monoxide Child]
I'm different like I never exsisted
Different like that 50 pack, smokin' bud toker from Twiztid
I'M DIFFERENT, like I'm segregated
No, hold up, **** that, a better word is "Player Hated"
DIFFERENT, 'cause it's so for real
And if you **** with weak ****, the axe I'll wield
I said DIFFERENT, you can see it in my soul
I'm different 'cause I'm Twiztid for life wit' juggalos

[Jamie Madrox]
We walk through walls, sleep with bats
Been to Heaven and Hell and still can't relax
I'M DIFFERENT, at least my mama called my strange
Said that I would be dangerous if I was given a brain
I'm a serial killa, that's what I amounted to be
And there's more than a thin line between you and me
I live behind the mirror and I'm every bad dream
So believe what you heard and see, because I'm different

[Hook] (till end)

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Mutant X
  • 3 We Don’t Die
  • 4 Fall Apart
  • 5 Fuck on the First Date
  • 6 Do You Really Know?
  • 7 Leave Me Alone
  • 8 People Are Strange
  • 9 All I Ever Wanted
  • 10 I Wanna Be…
  • 11 Bagz
  • 12 Wut the Dead Like
  • 13 Empty
  • 14 Where Itz Goin Down
  • 15 Broken Wingz
  • 16 Maniac Killa
  • 17 Different
  • 18 I’m Alright