Who Sang Feel Me? Twiztid feat. Master P

Release information
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:31
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Feel me, feel me, feel me, feel me
All ending up to get the people to feel me
Feel me, feel me, feel me, feel me
All ending up to get the people to feel me

Now, I'm a product of chalklines and false lies
Broken apart by many tries of my own life
Just sit and think with a pen in my hand is dangerous
And I'm tasteless most times freak shows bang this
You can tell it by the way that I walk
I'm a lot different than most of the cats that you come across
I'm in lock with it, keeping it safer than rum spell
The underground is my haven, but please nobody tell
Now trendsetters and mens' sweaters my bandana
To change whether you like me or not, never
I'm in the background sneaking up behind you
Get you while you're working and put 6 up in your drive through
Giving these killers a little something to ride to
Reppers hittin people that only come out at night, you
Start repenting the second I start repping
Catch him sneaking out the back and hit him with his own weapon

[Hook x2: Madrox & Monoxide]
It's a dirty game, but do you want to play with me?
(Do you want to play with me?)
I'mma do anything to get them all to see
(Open up your eyes world)

[Jamie Madrox]
Your daddy don't care and your momma blames everything wrong
With the world on drugs and rock n' roll
She seen it on a talk show
Cause if anybody know I'm sure its Tyra Banks and your kin folk
Man your such a fuck up, I almost believed them all
Had my own personal battles with drugs and alcohol, I'm clean and sober
I'm dirty and shit, decent in the cesspools, young broke and ignorant
Wicked we kick it with horns in the form of a million hands
Sick as we spit it crawling from alleyways and garbage cans
This ain't the repo-man, the original 2nd hand
Attack what I want and then market it contraband


[Verse 3: The R.O.C.]
Our souls will split into three Horcruxes
Placed around this earth to lead this order into somethin'
That this planet earth would feel y'all beyond that
We’re so far stretched that the Hubble telescope can’t see, attack!
We the fin-backs of rap, keep this shit alive
Hit the screens run in terror y'all cause you'll all die
We ain't lying this rap shit ain't nothing to us
Compare the rest of how much weed twiztid tokes up on the bus
Flat line, it's our time, this shit is like steel
Y'all dudes faces is more screwed up than seals
Y'all gotta let us in, we on that rainbow six shit
Ghost like recon, set the target, be the target, boom gone
It's just a marathon, I drive a palm running down competitors
Let up to take another drink so hurry up
Its to much poise get out the way avoid
I don't play that noise, I stick like tape boy


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  • Release information
    label: Psychopathic Records
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin