Who Sang We Don’t Die? Twiztid

Twiztid Freek Show cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-10-31
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Horrorcore
length: 3:10
We another round by axe and dead
Theres only a select few that can handle this
I'm origin of a poltergeist
Blessed with a heart
When its cold as ice and broken twice
Now I walk with an axe
Dressed in all jet black with contacts
Straight maniac
See em hatin the singles lot
Sand through the hour glass
Ticking of the clock

If You dont know by now its too late
We the most serious thing on the market since day break
We the dead
We dont explain or feel pain BEZERKo
Keep it underground and maintain
Bitch u better check nuts
Im doin brutal nigga
66 for 6 months
Plottin and it dont hurt wit ghost smoke
Puffin on a two ton blunt with dead folks
And its like that

Axe Murderers!!
WE DONT DIE!!!!!!!
WE DONT DIE!!!!!!!
WE DONT DIE!!!!!!!
WE DONT DIE!!!!!!!

Comin up outta da ground
From the underground cover of mud
To keep away from the mainstream love
I just want somebody to move and get hurt
Got ya hole dug deep in the dirt
Cant work with ya Bitch mother fuckers
Makin love to the press
With a bitch named teddit on your chest
Me and ma fucking Madrox
Haunting the joint
Bringing death to the people that dont get the point

Uh Huh
We unreal
Just like a 7 dollar bill
Voice my opinion regardless of how you feel
Freek Shit
It aint about being rich
Its about juggalos and runnin with lunatics
As long as ya'll rock this we wont quit
We do it all for y'all
I mean that shit
Everyone of y'all means everything to me
We bleed for Y'all thats why we call it family


Try to explain the element
Of my self inflicted PAIN
We not positive or uplifted
Walk a mile in our shoes
Experience hard times and payin ally dues
Freek Shit
What I live what I breathe
Cast out Muneck Like his disease
Still they try and ban the sound
Cuz it supposedly its razing the dead from aloud the ground

You in da dead zone, ten points for us
Smellin ciggarette smoke right before your lungs bust
You cant trust em
But I can bust em in half
Sit back and laugh at all the shit I did
Can you do that?
Would you school that?
Better yet,
I'm the wigged-out serial killa type blow pet


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Mutant X
  • 3 We Don’t Die
  • 4 Fall Apart
  • 5 Fuck on the First Date
  • 6 Do You Really Know?
  • 7 Leave Me Alone
  • 8 People Are Strange
  • 9 All I Ever Wanted
  • 10 I Wanna Be…
  • 11 Bagz
  • 12 Wut the Dead Like
  • 13 Empty
  • 14 Where Itz Goin Down
  • 15 Broken Wingz
  • 16 Maniac Killa
  • 17 Different
  • 18 I’m Alright