Who Sang Why Won’t You Answer? Twiztid

Twiztid The Darkness cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-27
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Horrorcore
length: 2:45
Hello you have reached the offices of doctor Fallenlegna
All representatives are unavailable
To come to the phone at this time
But please leave a brief message
Including your first and last name
And telephone number, if this is an emergency
Please hang up and dial 911
Thank you and have a wonderful day

Why won't you answer?
I've reached all of you, I have called you
I've called you that I'm dying, I've called you
I've called you many times
I've called you
I've called you that we've been there, were we?
You are goddamn [?]
They came for me last night
They came for me last night
They came for me last night
They're beyond me
But I, I took a straight razor
And shaved them!
I've shaved them goddammit, I've shaved them all off me!
And I've shaved them, I've shaved them all off me
And I'm bleeding, I think I've told you
I'm bleeding for four ****ing hours!
I have been bleeding and called you
And you didn't answered!
You told you will be there for me!
You are there for me, you are there, you are there for me!
I am bleeding, The Darkness is coming and I [?] please
Please call me! It hurts so bad!

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