Who Sang Burn in Hell? Two Cow Garage

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length: 5:02
What do you when the blood won't come?
The cable's been cut, the juice won't run
Nothing seems to work the way it should
They keep it on coming
They keep ...
Keep on kicking 'til the body turns cold
You've never been sorry for a d*** thing you've done
A fifth, thirty dollars, and a beat-up guitar
From where you were to where you are
Ain't so bad when you think about it now


  • 1 My Concern
  • 2 Make It Out Alive
  • 3 Burn in Hell
  • 4 135
  • 5 Alphabet City
  • 6 Saturday Night
  • 7 If This Is Home
  • 8 Smell of Blood
  • 9 Brand New July
  • 10 Good for Nothin'
  • 11 Bethlehem
  • 12 Hillbilly
  • 13 The Wall Against Our Back

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    script: Latin