Who Sang God Knows? Ulf Nilsson

Release information
Release Date: 2013-11-6
length: 3:50

Sometimes break day won't bring you comfort
When you had a bad dream
You'll try to shake it off
Wanna try to understand what it means
When somebody dies
And nobody tries
Fingers of eyes
Grasp in your heart
And tear it apart
And you wonder
Is it me you see
Then you scream for help
And you wake up in tears
You see im liying bay
Cus God knows i'll come home
Yes God knows i'll come home
Sometimes drakness fils you up from inside
Like priming brining mission
You don't wanna belive
But it feels more then just fiction
The Things that you see that could happen to me
Just won't let you be
They'll bringning you down
They shaking the ground
Makes you shiva and make
But look to my eyes i'll stay on this earth
Infort what is worth
I'll give you my word
Cus i swear i'll come home
Yes i always come home
Maybe im lost in time
Maybe i'll wake up blind
Maybe i turning wide
Maybe i'll drink by your blind
Maybe i won't sing no more
Maybe i won't sing no more
But i'll always come home
Yes God knows i'll come home
God knows i'll come home to you
God knows i'll come home
I swear i'll come home

CD 1
  • 1 It's Time To Rock'N'Roll
  • 2 For You
  • 3 Little by Little
  • 4 Head High
  • 5 Where Do I Go
  • 6 Come On Pretty Mama
  • 7 Long Gone
  • 8 I Could Use a Friend
  • 9 Foolin' Around
  • 10 Save Me
  • 11 Roadhouse Rose
  • 12 God Knows