Who Sang A Dream of Love? Ultra Vivid Scene

Release information
Release Date: 1988-10-31
length: 4:05
producer: Kurt Ralske
engineer: Kurt Ralske
lyricist: Kurt Ralske
composer: Kurt Ralske

After the party walking down the stairs
'Do you mind if I join you?'
'No, I don't care.'

Well maybe this could turn out really great
Or a big mistake
A mistake
A big mistake

When you told me I was second rate
I knew I'd met my fate
'Why don't you come over here
Where we will wash your feet?'
'Should I turn out the lights?'
'Well you can do as you please.'

An uncertain kiss
On a mouth of styrofoam
A taxi fee home and an incorrect phone
And when I awoke, I'm always alone

*A dream of love is haunting me
A dream of love is taunting me

Repeat *

CD 1
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  • 2 Crash
  • 3 You Didn’t Say Please
  • 4 Lynn-Marie #2
  • 5 Nausea
  • 6 Mercy Seat
  • 7 A Dream of Love
  • 8 [untitled]
  • 9 Lynn-Marie #1
  • 10 This Isn’t Real
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