Who Sang How Did It Feel? Ultra Vivid Scene

Release information
Release Date: 1988-10-31
length: 2:57
producer: Kurt Ralske
engineer: Kurt Ralske
lyricist: Kurt Ralske
composer: Kurt Ralske

He bore his burden up the hill
He did not cry
He did not flinch
And even though this was his last
He didn't bother to look back

*And how did it feel?
I'd like to know just how it felt
And how did it feel?
I'd like to know, I'd like to know

A crown of thorns upon his head
They drove a spike straight through his palm
But hang me those that gathered round
Just laughed and spat and watched him die

Repeat *

And from the height where he was fixed
If you could see it was for miles
A veiw like that cannot be brought
For thirty gold coins if you must

Repeat *

Well can you show me how it felt?
I'd like to know just how it felt
Can you show me how it felt

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