Who Sang This Isn’t Real? Ultra Vivid Scene

Release information
Release Date: 1988-10-31
length: 2:25
producer: Kurt Ralske
engineer: Kurt Ralske
lyricist: Kurt Ralske
composer: Kurt Ralske

If you weren't insane
At least you could start to drink again
I wish you could tell me you already know
But we're a mess with no hidden comedy

This isn't real
But maybe it's true
Oh yeah well maybe it's true

Want to tell you about two people
But tell me the truth
You already know
Oh yeah you already know

When I'm walking on the streets sometimes
It's like a b-movie sob-story mystery
So what's the deal
Is it for real
Or might I skip and read the ending first

Oh no it's true
Oh yeah well baby it's true

CD 1
  • 1 She Screamed
  • 2 Crash
  • 3 You Didn’t Say Please
  • 4 Lynn-Marie #2
  • 5 Nausea
  • 6 Mercy Seat
  • 7 A Dream of Love
  • 8 [untitled]
  • 9 Lynn-Marie #1
  • 10 This Isn’t Real
  • 11 The Whore of God
  • 12 Bloodline
  • 13 A Kiss and a Slap
  • 14 How Did It Feel
  • 15 Hail Mary