Who Sang Decisions? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:55
Luke Skywalker had it easy / cause he could feel the force All I've got is my blood / and regret and remorse Should I watch that anime? / no it's fanservicy and s**ual But I think it's kind of funny / you're succombing to the devil Now I know there is no satan / that ain't part of my faith The faults gotta lie within me / so I must set my own pace But it's hard to be righteous / to be kind to be friendly All at that same time / without it being false and empty I'm not normally the type / of person to speak in platitudes But the basis of faith / is trancending our baser attitudes Our habits, our fetishes / our animalistic instincts The vitriol of violence / rather than taking time to think It's a hard life being torn / between progress and regress I'd like to confess / absolution leaves me posessessed Of a conflict between / there is no gray s***e or solution Torn in two by right and wrong / leaving me in confusion
Gonna carry that weight / every single day Bare the chest to slings and arrows / even though it don't pay I have to comtemplate / just to make my way Through decisions I am sortin / through a b-tree array
I have trouble passing through / these tests and difficulties No one else to hold on to / so quick to fall for the sultry Mixed with the innocent / to confuse my senses But if I buy in / then I'll be building some fences Between myself and my beliefs / becoming a hypocrite But it's such simple relief / just to opt out and quit Just Control Alt Delete / my super ego for a while Giving into the ideals / that are totally vile Selling out my potential / and selling myself short Destroying my credentials / resulting in a report In the media about how / Ultraklystron's a punk All my friends feel betrayed / saying "who have thunk?" He's a double dirty-dealer / he's like Snidely Whiplash Templing his fingers / curling a fake moustash For being a backbiter / not a freedom fighter An evil insighter / Rather than being the decider

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