Who Sang Earn It? Ultraklystron

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Release Date: 2007
length: 3:41
My album's not even out yet but I'm already writing my return verbal pyrokinesis leaving my old bridges burned Miss Kazami and Mr. Saari The teachers from who I learned That the effort that's spent Is the intellect and love earned
I'm back once again nerdcore renagade master notate my words in gifs, jpegs and rasters I overclocked my tongue so I can speak faster But I'm still without content So instead I just blather 10 times cleaner than man Named Marshall Mathers Yet I still work word passion Up into a lather so behold as nerdcore zealots come and gather they rock this track on IPods and soundblasters I sit over the back wheels where the b**ps are hardest on my headphones is Kool Keith and Scott Hardkiss Switch on the bass boost cause it's like catharis Slip into cold sleep Like I'm off Tarsis I hear the Voice of a Distant Star And Its My Own Yet this Keitai Culture Makes me so feel alone In this Urban Archapelgo May exist my home But Across the whole Earth is Where my spirit roams
This album may seem egotistical Its stories may seem mystical But if makes the crowds hysterical Then my errors are just clerical Product placement's logistical Cause my backyard could use a pool I'd like to get Protools And my DVD shelves aren't full I mean sure I get screeners As a member of the press But as my budget gets leaner My purchasing gets repressed So I'd like to get greener That fact I confess So I'd shill vacuum cleaners To end fiscal stress Cause the fact of the matter is I've bought so much anime I could have bought an A Share Of Berkshire Hathaway Or could have had a venti mocha Every single day I could have sat around And gotten "real paid" Instead I make this nerdcore CD In my bedroom Hoping that my fan base Digs Max Headroom Cause if they don't like that sample Over the bass boom How will I get the cash to become a forum goon?

  • 1 Opensource Lyricist
  • 2 Earn It
  • 3 So Long Kids
  • 4 Eighty Three
  • 5 Internet
  • 6 Decisions
  • 7 PAeXpo
  • 8 Mahou Shonen Theme
  • 9 MC Urban Planner
  • 10 Void Function
  • 11 Priceless
  • 12 Fashionable
  • 13 Hit Reply
  • 14 Hikikomori
  • 15 Script Kiddie Blues
  • 16 Full Disclosure
  • 17 Coin Figure
  • 18 Cuteness
  • 19 It's the Beat
  • 20 Five to Nine

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin