Who Sang Eighty Three? Ultraklystron

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Release Date: 2007
length: 4:32
Verbal exercise with/ the rhythm reprise/ I'm coming back here/ in the same disguise/ You think that I will stop/ just cause the tide can rise/ No my fate and birthright says/ that I can not be shy/ Born same day as Hendrix/ so I see the sky cries/ Born same day as Bruce Lee/ and Bill Nye the Science Guy/ I may have proved my talent once/ but gotta emphasize/ That I hope I'm meant for greater things/ so I cannot be denied/
Nineteen Eighty Three was the year/ But that isn't important for you/ The element that makes this clear/ Is day I was born to/ November Twenty Seven/ Is the day I shone through/ Won't be taken back to heaven/ Cause I won't torn through/ By scythes of shinigami/ Til I've succeeded on a wide scale/ Not even hollows can drop me/ Not even Batman or Christian Bale/ My rhymes about Sakaki/ Are leading up the high trail/ So nobodies gonna stop me/ On Nerdcore Success with out Fail/ I'm fully aware of my next step/ and the correct direction/ Get in my way I'll cut you like Black Rose/ from dot hack infection/ Bust you like Norton Anti/ Virus Protection/ Steath Like An F-One Seventeen/ There is No Detection/ I ain't no emo mc singing/ songs of sorrow/ I just be rappin about/ ichigo maShimaro/ From Lukuss to Jurai/ with no style borrowed/ I'm bringin it fresh and live/ like there's no tomarrow/
And I've got an army of tweens/ Listening to my drum machines/ And when I step on the scene/ They tear apart my shirt and jeans/ And they aren't tryin to be mean/ Why they provide me with green/ But would really be keen/ Is a girl over eighteen/ Now I'm not trying to be/ A really picky person/ But at the time I'm writin this/ I'm currently Twenty-one/ And I figure that it's strange/ that my fanbase/ Is largely composed of kids/ so fresh faced/ I thought my stature and topics/ would be scarin 'em/ But now I've got unintensional/ teenage harem/ And now some 4channers and farkers are askin/ If I am sharin 'em/ Now I need a battlion of psychelogists/ Sent out repairin' em/ Seriously girls/ I think you might have issues/ I'm not the one worth/ your tears and your tissues/ I'm not a Peter Wingfield/ Nor am I a Hugh Jackman/ Besides I don't wanna end up like/ R.Kelly or Michael Jackson/


This is my master plan / rap about M E -tan / Then reference-reran / Sana Kurata and/ Akito and Sumiyoshi / Pickled Plum like Umeboshi/ Rap for Blondes like Mihoshi / Get dirty like Master Roshi I'm the boss number 1 / I'm your Menos Grande In Konaha they would call me / The 1st Hokage You wonder why I can make / these boasts so blaize Cause I'm secure in my style / like my name is Sean Hayes See I'm the rare MC / who puts people in their place With references / to actors from the show Will and Grace Don't need Harvey Birdman / to make my case The evidence is illuminated / in my drum n' bass Junglist Gamer Otaku / and the list goes on Of the culture that I talk through / and to which I hold on if my adeptness does shock you then / don't roll on Don't worry I won't stalk you / I'm no Lupin

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  • 4 Eighty Three
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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin