Who Sang Five to Nine? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:15
I don't need sleep / cause I'm making the whole scene
Atleast that's what I say / but that's just a smoke screen
I can't seem to find / no leisure or spare time
When I'm working that grind / of the Five to Nine
(repeat X 1)
Every single place / I'm seeing the same faces
Memory glitches / Rewrites and erases
Defining my self / Defaults to set labels
Creation of self / Is defined by these fables
Busting the same rhymes / and telling the same stories
This new audience / buys these alegories.
Though to me played out / and ought to be forgotten
My brain's exhausted / and slowly going rotten

And I gotta be cool / gotta act like a pro
Always witty with my words / busting a fresh flow
And you have not heard it / then it's new to you
And I know you've not heard it / and neither has your crew
So then at this convention / I'll give you a nice dream
Cause I'm too darn broke / to buy you an ice cream
And I'm a not a mecha / no rockin the eye beams
So I'll I spit what I have / until I hear the shy scream
Shooting pictures from the hip / while giving cosplay tips
Calling in news at clip / while taking crook'd sips
Of Vault and MDX / Recieving messages in text
Quickly jotting down notes / through caffiene effects
It's the burden of the press / though not everything's in ruin
Cause I even interviewed / Miss Jessica Boone and
I'd even say it's super cres / but my back is aching
My feet are screaming out / as my backpack's breaking
From all of the free swag / doujinshi by the bag
And that radical rock / known as the Aggrocrag
Free custom luggage tags / But I don't mean to brag
Cause all of this sweet stuff / causes my spine to sag
I'm not physically active / in my usual adventures
So even pro bono goods can / earn a little of my censure
Add to that the fact that at / the con I am a big spender
And suddendly I need help / from an Earth Force Defender.

Yeah by the end of con / my intellect is all gone
Feeling like a zombie / Man I'm deader than Shawn
And though my crew of friends / is tight like Genshiken
When the con's at the end / I won't even pretend
Cause we're all exhausted / perspicacity's frosted
It's like we've been accosted / surprised no one's lost it
But we keeping rolling on / though it's not on dubs
This is the otaku style / we're rolling on fansubs

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