Who Sang Hearts Bangin? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:20
My innocence is my aphrodesiac;
I exude charm like I was a hemophiliac.
Like Tom Cruise up on the planet Teegeeack,
I never once in my life had to play the mack.
I'm coy and coquettish and that makes ladies,
Want to corrupt me, like their name was Hades,
But I still stop short of getting them in bed;
I gotta keep pure to ensure my street cred.
I'm your ren ai idol - a bishonen deluxe
Lookin like an angel in a lolita tux.
Every lady enamored with my sweet demeanor.
Nerds get more love than any playboy scenester.
But the fact is my heart jumps outta my chest.
At the thought I could have romantic success.
Sure girls have slept up in my bedroom,
While I was out on the couch and my heart boomed.

Heart's bangin' like the track behind me;
Lost in dreams so I hope no one finds me.
Heart's bangin' while I'm acting kindly;
But personality still confines me.
Without doubt sure, I'd like to make out
Who wouldn't want to end this luckless drought?
But in walks my morals and they quickly shout:
"She has a man, stupid! Thus, you should reroute!"
It's too late; she kisses me, catches me off guard.
A Peck on the cheek? Nope, it's a lot more far.
I think "why not", and try it out for a minute,
And then I realize, no, my souls not in it.
I want these trappings to be for the one
Who I would give the moon, the stars and the sun.
For a half-second I felt like I had won,
But for the next 3 weeks I was very stunned.
But it was worthwhile, cause it clarified for me
That I don't to be alone at fifty.
I want to save these actions for the one I keep:
The start of my queue - the top of my heap.
Thus I pull back, so I am still righteous.
I do the right thing when I try to fight this
Motive that's immoral and less than upright
Though I'll still be thinking about it all night.
What might have been without morality pangs?
If I was less Leonardo and a bit more Krang.
I guess all I can do now is to do my thang:
Be a nerd with glow-in-the-dark dracula fangs.


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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin