Who Sang Hit Reply? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:39
Ultraklystron droppin verbage for the Toonzone.net Time for nerdcore stylings that are greatest yet Smart alek vagaries and verbal tet-a-tet In other words 5000 references that you won't get

I'm the otaking My otabling Is taking over everything ToonZone.net Where is I sit It has no pointless posturing Just keep postin Like McDoujin Absurdity from anything Props to Pancho And Umino And Anyone Matt Wilson-ing
Bringin it machevellian like Ichigo Morino Bringin that fan based style like I'm Gainax or I'm Gonzo Sugoi Kawaii-ist Lyricist like I'm Clamp's Sumomo End My Rhyme Nyo Nyu Gema Resprasent for Koge Donbo Comedic violence of the old skool like I'm Tom and Jerry Super-Deformed Comedic Takes like JCStaff and Tex Avery Verbal fanservice on the internet where it can be shared free If it were visual residuals would go to the Dirty Pair team Cause this is Cowboy Nerd Hop/Style where words drop Spike TV's all slop/CN rocks non stop Take a s***eship and some shonen and then just call it Toomami Take a trip below the surface and then just call it Miguzi On one block pull out all stops to run Naruto and Rurouni On the other little sisters get to watch the TMNT College Hipsters stay up late to watch Quagmire and Stewie Later on while nearin dawn you can check out FLCL
(Chorus) x 2

This second verse is a non-sequitor Anachronistic like it's gigantor It's breakbeat not 4-to-the-floor It's random like an instant door Fraudian like Evangelion Cause Shinji's Just Hellion "Father's like a decepticon" "Mom's soul's in an automaton" Like it's elegant and gothic Like a Vampire Hunter fanfic Like a DBZ fanatic Rock Psychosuspense phantastique Like it's little and it's plastic Like it's FLCL Addict Like a brick or two of mastique Rock this Edict from your attic A newtype idol that is vital like my name's Rabi en Rose Visual Style & High Profile enticing every bishoujo If they wanna try and find me they ought to follow there nose I'm the w007 700P lucky charm at the end of the rainbow I'm hardcore yet coquettish / as if my name was Seiji But my right-hand's not my girlfriend / this ain't midori no hibi It's old school restoration / like the era of the meiji It's new school demonstration / cause like it's Powerpuff Girls Z

(Chorus) x 2 (Intro)

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin