Who Sang Internet? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:07
The Net's A Comedy Goldmine But I'm trying to find Parts for my Vic-20 The Net's A Infinite Wasteland Lacking good taste and It can get so scummy The Net Can Be So Precarious Yet So hilarious That doesn't concern me The Net has princes deposed And many pirated shows And spyware just to burn thee
Well, wait that's a falsehood / I own no such computer But I own a TRS-80 / Just looking for a suitor Some one to purchase it / perhaps via ebay I'll auction it along side / the piles of anime Sent to me by companies / and of shows I didn't like And I'll Sell it all / because some guy stole my bike No seriously it was s*****ed / from beneath my front porch So I need to get a new ride / preferably one that can scorch --build/bridge/breakdown--- Maybe a Unit Zero One / Or An R X Seven Eight They're both emo kid powered / so on that note I'm great Driven by bishonen guys / with twinkles in their eyes / with no shonen-ai / they'll ride or die / with a of side fries
I can derail threads/like Amtrak derails trains Step up on my internet / I moderate with no pain But Your ships and your pairings / are driving me insane If you don't stop I'll delete you / like Serial Experiments Lain I'll scratch you like a record / Decode you like a D V D Throw tomatoes like a heckler / from the I M D B Put you on a reality show / for Must See T V Now for here's a cease and desist letter/ from N B C --build/bridge/breakdown--- Now I'm kidding about that / it's just some irritated humor I've got a much more polite way / of dealing with net tumors If you're breaking the rules of the board / I'll drop the ban hammer So don't flame, troll or curse / and definitely don't be a spammer

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