Who Sang Mahou Shonen Theme? Ultraklystron

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Release Date: 2007
length: 3:25
Mahou Shonen In the name of earth / You're bringing lyrical myrth Karl Olson Ultraklystron Credited / Live and Unedited Mahou Shonen From your local shotengais / Straight to your local Fry's Karl Olson ToonZone.net Reporter / 6 foot 2 and no shorter
It was an summer day / in the city of Townsville I was walking to a Walgreens / cause I needed to chill I was feeling overheated / but I wouldn't be defeated I got a box of otter pops / but the price was deleted Not wanting to wait in line / cause price checks take time I scanned for other cold confessions / maybe something lemon lime I found something in clearance section / only seven cents Sure it was strawberry flavor / but that price was heaven sent I walked up to register / and gave the clerk the cash Then into a paper bag / the Ice Cream bar was stashed I took it right out / the second I hit the door When I took the first bite / I was like "man, score!" It was really quite delicious / wrapper said I won a prize It said you're the chosen one / so just now close your eyes Suddenly a flash of bright light / then something hit my head It was a microphone scepter / and instructions that read
I was totally freaked out / I thought without a doubt That I must be on Candid Camera / Almost made me wanna pout Cause Now my clothes were crazy too / pink raver pants and matching shoes Covered in hearts stars and rainbows / I suddenly had the blues But then I saw some old lady / in the parking lot With a couple bad muggers / Trying to steal what she's got I then realized why / I'd be been given this power I knew this that moment / could now be my finest hour I grasped the scepter microphone / freestyled the magic words The thugs just looked like / they'd never seen it this absurd But soon the spell took effect / as I came live and direct Busting about how The Incredibles / is much better than Shrek They renounced their gangsta ways / now they are animators They're doing animatics / for show about Darth Vader Meanwhile I've become / the mahou shonen MC Magical Boy fights for justice love and unity

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin