Who Sang Opensource Lyricist? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:29
verse 1:
I could probably rap in VB / But then all these MCs would then declare me / all too propietary But to rhyme open source /the Gnu Public adores A licence that'd force /me to live in poverty can't give word code away/that's just game I just play come on suckas just pay/ me a little royalties I'll rap it all C/ or maybe PHP post it in O G G/ just need a little money I know it seems obscene/to ask for hard earned green But my checkbook's means/ are just a little scary It reads close to zero/And if some cash don't show I'll take my rhymes and go/right on the Sanzu ferry

Everyone just wants me to be an Open Source Lyricist
And it is for free they wanna be Hearin' this
Everyone just wants me to give it away
Not Understandin The Economics of my Everyday
verse 2:
Look, I'm not demanding some great sum/Cause that'd be quite dumb I know that I'm not only one/with a meager balance I'd like to like to come out even/but I gotta funny feelin That I'll be further reelin/from the lack of allowance CDs cost cash to make/Bandwidth's about to break It can barely take/traffic belligerence And for it weren't friends/supporting me with ends I would imagine/ that I'd have no deliverance So please just let this be/one and only plea to those on P2P/this is my last contigence Cause if I can't make enough/to pay for production and stuff/ Then for me it's tough/I'll drop this compliance

Verse 3:
Now please don't pay attention to the obvious fact That I got ten Chrysler Maybachs just stashed in back Please Ignore the Jaguars in my music videos Cause don't you don't know that they are just rentals Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain I'm the man up front in flames, and financially hurtin Ignore the 1000 percent service charges on my tickets Cause I'm up here kickin it all hardcore and wicked Ignore the fact that for the most part this track's ironic Focus on the fact like G U Is I'm so iconic Ignore the truth that I'm really neither here nor there But I'll quit music if payment stays incredibly rare.

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