Who Sang PAeXpo? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 4:05
Waking up everyday / to the sound of NPR By 6:30 in the morning / I'm heading to the car But first I gotta get changed / I gotta get bathed Gotta get out of bed / hopefully unscathed Stumble up wake up / put on glasses like I'm Urkel Fall down and don't get up / for the win full circle Did - I - do - that? Well yes I did! Stuffed my backpack with manga / and CDs for the kids. I hope to meet in line / One who wants a CD signed By the artist who created it / and rapped in double time Though my dreams of being nerdcore's next generation Come second to the trandcentalist sensation I'm betting I'll be getting / when I see the MCs Frontalot and Chris Ward bustin it verbally Not to mention the arcade / with the super free play How much DDR and Berzerk / can I work in 3 days? cause the crolisk's out / but floppy disk's in everybodies preregged / outside chillin mixin talking / DS rocking / in the line since 8 Bawls ratting / Pokebattling / And we just wait for A sign that we can the enter premises / Battle our nemesis Fight through the throngs of linux supremicists Then wait in line again / to ensure good seating Though very politely / cause you don't want a beating From A Dominatrixed / Ichigoberry Shortcake Double damage dealt cause / now I've got a court date From a greeting card company / notorious and litigious Won't say it by name / maybe then they'll miss this dis Meanwhile in the line / I see another nice girl Nursehella from BC / yeah she's rocks my world But I'm here to game / To Play without any shame I'm Going Psycho / Cause Here's Tycho / With the chorus again
Omeganauts with a shot / Show us what you've got Even though the path is dangerous / and blatantly frought With Open lava pits / and fireballs on the beat Grab your controller right now / it's time to compete
Here's comes the facts / that you can't forestall But while I'm thinking / here's the clinking of / bottle of bawls I'm full throttling y'all / but with a cottling call I'm can leave you bedazzled / like your name's Brendon Small Back to the point / I'm happy that I met all these people Under what is best described as gaming's first steeple United in a love of what the mainstream eschews Whose Thinking it's extreme / to a take postive view of People pushing b***ons / in a certain combination None of us are violent / and we're not a deviation And the Minor depravation / of some of our delegation Is not an honest reason / to make lots of legistation Curbing free creation Via / silly machinations Supported only by those / living in true isolation Cause though the average man / may never play on a LAN He's still plays his console / And he objects to those plans See when I'm on my console / I get to whompin On NPCs but / that enrages Jack Thompson Who firmly believes / video games are a disease that furthers violence with ease/come on player please rather than listen to pleas for free speech / he'll just preach filing pointless legal briefs / against contrary beliefs Look I've played FPS / since I was 6th grade All it has done is ensure / That I won't get paid Cause each paycheck / goes into the latest games And other stuff considered / equivalently lame clean doujinshi / of ojamajo doremi oh say can't you see? / I'm Harmless Completely Any violence in me / Halo depletes thee Motive and Energy / For a Killing Spree. I a**ure you I'm not scheming / I've got no evil ploys Cause all I care about is how I / clocked over Asteroids

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