Who Sang So Long Kids? Ultraklystron

Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:25
Just when you think they've hit rock bottom, they go still farther.
4Kids does nothing but make otaku life harder.
So I think I've gotta message for that Alfred Kahn.
Enjoy your company now before it's totally gone.
Look, it's not your fault that company fell apart
Would have thought that kids that age are actually smart
Don't they just make jokes about fowl things like farts
I mean honestly, who would think that they would have heart

Isn't intellect and wisdom supposed to be adult-only?
All kids should care about are bratz dolls and homiez
So right now Al, you're saying "someone console me."
Apologies and condolences, no will hold thee

You say it's for kids/but in fact it's for no one
Spend dollars and quid/to edit out every last gun
I think it's time to pay the price and time to repent
I regret to inform you that your goodwill is spent


I've got to protest ya - you mislead your investors
So if I didn't destest ya - I'd be letting you fester
We didn't need your money in the shoujo fandom
I trust you like the makers of the Phantom

With the shows that you have - you should be at the top of the nation
But instead that t**le goes the crew at FUNimation
You think your Danish Card Game is gonna be a Sensation
You must not understand the word oversaturation

You can't even p***ounce your own properties correctly
So I'd never invest in you not even indirectly
Yes I said your company's a terrible investment
I recommend to all your stockholders permanent divestment

I know in the late nineties you were the the top of the neilsens
But now you're burning up like s***ecraft with out shieldin'
And if you think that Ms. Doremi can provide you with healin'
Back away from the property and please stop squealin'

If you had better treated the anime that you were dealin'
Your investments wouldn't have stopped rockin and yieldin'
So Please keep to yourself all your selfish fantasies
I don't care one bit about your fall do to vanity

4kids is best swimming with the fishes and manatees
We need to put an end to this virtual insanity
At the time I'm writing this it isn't yet a reality
Make it Happen With Your Actions/Drive 4kids to Bankruptcy

(ch.) x 1.5

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