Who Sang Void Function? Ultraklystron

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Release Date: 2007
length: 3:32
I need some pointers / and I need some classes I'm your average nerd / pocket protector and glasses I know it sounds cliche / But this is one for the masses Soon it will be passe / Evaporated into gasses v1. I'm not here to fight but I must rebuke ya Kick you up side the head like Light Speed Susuka Rock it like counterstrike with so called Bazookas Like my name is w**** Wonka and You're Just Veruca - Rock my tech my from South Korea, Japan and China Live from One Twenty Fourth to West Nine Regina From my backyard to Charley in North Carolina I can I only hope one day the good luck will find her - So I come to stop to the lesser mcs and cynics The ones busy fighting over what better windows or linux Complaining about movies like Daredevil and Riddick Pay no mind to the fact that I am also critic - Cause I'm also programmer of the worst class Never been slashdotted or even slightly harassed For the code I've stole to create and make my programs work No comments in my dev blog / am I that much of a jerk v2. Look now I need that functionality Or else my program won't function in totality By the rapidly approaching deadline That I was unfortunately just a**igned - So I'll Rock it with the dual shock with the dual triggers I'll Reduce it down to parts like it's Pinky Street Figures Even if mean this program has to get a little bloated I'd rather that it work than be garbage sugar-coated - So I'm not trying to be mean nor foreboding But perhaps I should start doing / my own work my own coding So I step up and start banging on my keyboards I gotta step up and write to get the high score - Cause You know that I am reaching for the pinnacle All these other programmers are just so cynical All played out than saying anime's just tentacles Like they're Harry Knowles from the site called aint it cool br. It's like my name is train man / single track like rain man And I bring the pain and / I turn up the gain and I try to seduce all the bishoujo drinking bling juice By busting rhyme nonsensical like I'm Dr. Seuss Other otaku mcs rap about their 2D-complex I rap about my debut cause straight I'm outta comdex ADV reads my reviews and then takes quotes outta context Still not playing live venues / I'm too busy readin comics

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  • 7 PAeXpo
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  • 9 MC Urban Planner
  • 10 Void Function
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  • 14 Hikikomori
  • 15 Script Kiddie Blues
  • 16 Full Disclosure
  • 17 Coin Figure
  • 18 Cuteness
  • 19 It's the Beat
  • 20 Five to Nine

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin