Who Sang Angelus Novus? Ulver

Ulver The Assassination of Julius Caesar cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-4-7
length: 4:07

An army charges upon the land
To the sound of retreat

This is bigger than us
A stronger wind is blowing

Blowing from paradise
Into the world to come

Progress is its name
Death nods its head

First the dead
Then the living

Call their names
Like a legion

Their steps are retreating
Out of the earth and the sea

Back to the beginning of time
An endless beach

Where a table has been set for one
With salt and water

Lay down the kid
And turn around and leave

CD 1
  • 1 Nemoralia
  • 2 Rolling Stone
  • 3 So Falls the World
  • 4 Southern Gothic
  • 5 Angelus Novus
  • 6 Transverberation
  • 7 1969
  • 8 Coming Home