Who Sang Everybody's Been Burned? Ulver

Ulver Childhood’s End: Lost & Found From the Age of Aquarius cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-1-1
length: 3:25
writer: David Crosby

Everybody's been burned before
Everybody knows the pain
Anyone in this place
Can tell you to your face
Why you shouldn't try to love someone
Everybody knows it never works
Everybody knows and me
I know that door that shuts
Just before you get to the dream
You see...
I know all too well
How to turn, how to run
How to hide behind
A bitter wall of blue
But you die inside
If you choose to hide
So I guess instead, I'll love you

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Bracelets of Fingers
  • 2 Everybody's Been Burned
  • 3 The Trap
  • 4 In the Past
  • 5 Today
  • 6 Can You Travel in the Dark Alone
  • 7 I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
  • 8 Street Song
  • 9 66‒5‒4‒3‒2‒1
  • 10 Dark Is the Bark
  • 11 Magic Hollow
  • 12 Soon There'll Be Thunder
  • 13 Velvet Sunsets
  • 14 Lament of the Astral Cowboy
  • 15 I Can See the Light
  • 16 Where Is Yesterday