Who Sang In Absence of Form? Unbirth

Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-4
length: 2:47

Settle yourself, you’re one of us now
Be patient and your questions will now be answered
A new unbearable reality is waiting for you
Your sight will soon get used of darkness
Revealing you the most dreadful horrors of our world
Here is nor hell nor paradise
A whole existence could never be enough to understand it
Here lies the conceived unborn souls
Trapped, between space and time we float
Dead never born
Conscious of the unchangeable infinite Tomorrow
We await for disillusioned
The judgement of a god that’s not aware of us
In condition of absence of form, you will drown within yourself
Stuck in the abyss to a life of useless pain
You will dream of each second to briefly escape from the glare of the wandering infinite
Infant mind
Victim of adult and foreign sufferings
You’ll regret the warm amnion that once embraced you
Antechamber of life
Unaware of the worst
You were waiting for the light

CD 1
  • 1 Embrace the Permeation of Plague
  • 2 Will of Atlantis
  • 3 Sterile Planets
  • 4 Entitlement of Scourge
  • 5 Incestuous Warpath
  • 6 Crowding at the Edge of Cosmos
  • 7 In Absence of Form
  • 8 Truth Beyond the Sands of Dogma
  • 9 Last Glare Before the End
  • 10 Towards Eternal Silence