Who Sang Songs About God? Uncle Deadly

Release information
Release Date: 2010-2-1
length: 4:35
The sun won't rise
To take the storm from your eyes
The fog won't clear
It likes to linger down here
You put on his favourite blouse
Your friends all gathered at the house
The way he'd want it to be
If he was here to see

The way they tell you they miss you
They're singing songs about God
Songs about God
And it's so d*** beautiful
You'd tear right up
And you can't see through your tears
When you imagine his fears
All the horrors he went through
Things no man should have to do

And you don't feel right
About sleeping at night
And you want to be strong
Still you have to leave the light on
You packed his clothes and his stuff
At last you felt comfortable enough
And the tuxedo from your wedding day
It's saying all there is to say

And it's easier to bear
When they're all there
And what's to expect from life
If not sacrifice and strife?

CD 1
  • 1 Be Careful What You Wish For
  • 2 The Subpoena Girl
  • 3 The Game
  • 4 I Don't Mind
  • 5 Until You Start Dreaming
  • 6 Sneakin' Up
  • 7 Songs About God
  • 8 Some Call That Love
  • 9 Uncle Deadly's Lament