Under Eden - Veil of Twilight 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2005
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Thrash/Black Metal/Death Metal
length: 6:30
Summon those on ashen winds.
The people who in darkness retch
Awaiting the eternal end.

Maintain the watch in bloodless lust
Confined in these weak mortal shells
Walk the world in crimson dusk
Prey on their misguided young.

Rise now, we of sacred blood
Shedding pale mortal masks
Unhinge these brittle, broken bones
Unfurl veiled twilight wings.

Beckoned to the halls of flesh
Siren pulse within thy breast
Instinct bows to savage thirst
Blinded in bedazzling mist.

Take to heart the pangs of fear
Ache of rapture at thy neck
Bathe thy body in cold sweat
As you choke upon my breath.

Extinguish the sun...
Eclipse the cross...

Our time has come again,
To walk the ancient Earth en masse.
Children of the night awake!
The hunt is on

See what is sewn by their hands.
Our virgin Earth - the whore of Man!
Return unto the black Abyss
Before the sun...

Apocalyptic hands of fate
Crown this king, a son of Man.
Beyond the grave, a banished prince
Calls upon our name again.

No light but for the morning star
Needed for our astral sight.
In legion, voice our call to arms
To claim the prey which is our right.

CD 1
  • 1 Six Feet Under Eden
  • 2 Creation Defies Creator
  • 3 Zealot
  • 4 Behind Blind Eyes
  • 5 Veil of Twilight
  • 6 Bitter Revelation
  • 7 Seventh Night
  • 8 The Savage Circle
  • 9 Curse Made Flesh
  • 10 Most Low Gods