Who Sang Waxing Moon? Underwater Circus

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length: 4:48
again you're running out of sight
straight into another exile
someone bless the rebels for they
keep me entertained in this phase
I hang out in pharmacies
hoping to find some substances
to send me into hibernation
or a sense of self deception

I am always watching the tides
collecting contradictory ideas
to disappear from here
ideas to disappear

I am still in search of a pack
to keep me now from going mad
to take this weight off of my back
to avoid the accident
It's like a rule
my well-being grows
with the waxing moon

you light up the darkest room
following forgotten memories
if we should find satisfaction
tonight we gonna kill our talents

ignore all warnings to meet me there
arrive like a message and bring
a dream souvenir
a dream souvenir
It's like a rule
my well-being grows
with the waxing moon

today I spit out the pain
heads or tails my favourite game
the urge to be victorious
keeps me moving keeps me curious

It's like a rule...

  • 1 Whole Again
  • 2 Not You
  • 3 Hold Me Down
  • 4 Angels & Warriors
  • 5 Pretend
  • 6 Michelle
  • 7 Swingin'
  • 8 Demons in Underwear
  • 9 Reprise
  • 10 Waxing Moon
  • 11 Islands in the Infinite Ocean
  • 12 Inarielle

  • Release information
    script: Latin